– A Collaborative Approach to Dynamic Content –

With over 20 years of combined experience in improvisational acting, teaching and production, the team at Yes And Films, LLC has developed a comprehensive, ensemble approach to video production.

Yes…and is the most basic principal of improvisational theatre yet it can be a valuable philosophy in every aspect of life and work. Yes..and works as follows:

Accepting a partner’s “offer” or idea is followed by adding a new “offer” or idea, typically building upon the earlier one, that acknowledges and enhances previously established information. The fundamental principal of acknowledging and accepting information offered by a partner(s) unleashes a collaborative method of creative conception.

  • Listen and Be Aware of Other Participants
  • Provide Clarity in Communication
  • Possess Confidence to Discover Choices Instinctively and Spontaneously
  • Accept Any Partner’s Contribution to the Process Without Judgement
  • Build Upon Previous Contributions to Foster a Collaborative, Comprehensive Solution
Our philosophy, and resulting process, provides a method for ensuring collective optimism in the final product. We strive to re-mix, re-imagine, and re-invent the concept of video production through a collaborative process from start to finish and a culture of “Yes…And”.